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tv   Action News  ABC  September 8, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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♪ >> good afternoon in the news the search continues for a driver after a man was struck and killed in south jersey.
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>> a young boy survives a mountain lion attack in california. >> but the big to her on "action news" this noon is the new school year for the kids in the cash-strapped philadelphia school district. >> the bells rang across the city as 135,000 students went back to school, the first day of classes comes as the district is trying to overcome a budget deficit. john rawlins joins us outside the new link high school. the new school is in an unused portion of the middle school. as the district continues to battle an 81 million-dollar deficit, still the superintendent said it's important to innovate and open the new schools. school open on time for the 130 public school kids, but future operations remain in doubt. more than 1,000 employees could face pink slips unless
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harrisburg approves a cigarette tax hike. >> we'll get to a time during the year where we'll have to make reductions. i'm concerned about that. >> reporter: mayor nutter at the first day of school at one of the district's new high school dubbed link for learning in new context. it's small, built with the help of private foundation money the goal to take kids who might not flourish in a regular high school. they will work on real world issues and use science, math and english to studdie them. we'll do outreach to educate people what healthy eating looks like. >> reporter: in addition to the real world prospective, no
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textbookses, that's right that is by design, instead tomorrow all the kids in the class of 2018 will be issued laptop computers, live in hunting park, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> a group of fathers, community members and city leaders joined together for a back to school march this morning. the action cam was there as mayor nutter and superintendent william hite escorted students to the elementary school in west philadelphia. organizers wanted to show the importance of the community being involved with children and schools is a new academic year begins. a group gathered outside benjamin franklin high school to protest the cuts. governor corbett has failed torched adequate funding. we spoke to a parent who said it's important to get more involved with your children's
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school. >> as a parent i'm encouraging parents to come out and fight for your children's education. your child is your future. people, get outline and vote it makes a difference. >> reporter: "action news" has reached out to governor corbett for comment on today's rally. the governor in the past has maintained that 89 administration increased funding for the school district. >> philadelphia marine unit pulled a woman's body near the schuylkill expressway. crews responded to boathouse row on kelly drive before 7:00 a.m. they recovered a woman's body, but have no information on the victim at this time. the action cam was on the scene after a car slammed into a restaurant in northeast philadelphia. police say the driver lost control of the car and struck a utility pole and crashed into the jade harbor restaurant on bustleton avenue. the driver took off and is still
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on the loose. the crash damaged a natural gas line inside the restaurant. >> police in south jersey are trying to track down the driver of a pick up truck who struck and killed a pedestrian in south jersey. it happened along mantua pike in deptford, gloucester county around 8:00 p.m. last night. police say a 52-year-old man from mantua was walking in the northbound lanes when he was hit by the truck. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. the truck is a greenish blue dodge pick up with gray or silver act sentence and extended cab. suspects were picked up after a video of a beating of a mentally challenge man went viral. david henry joins us in new castle county. >> reporter: the police have arrested two young men over the weekend and looking for suspects
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as the investigation continues all the evidence they kneed was captured on the disturbing video. the video which was posted online shows a group of young teens surrounding a development mentally challenged man who has the mental capacity of a second grader. his mother was revolted when she saw the video. >> reporter: what wasn't through your mind. >> rage, anger. because of the situation of him being disabled he doesn't do anything to anyone but be kind. >> reporter: the video spread like wildfire on social media. the 16-year-old girl who saw it decided it was too revolting to ignore. >> i was so mad, i thought i have told something about this. >> reporter: she re-posted the video using the hash tag using the bully project. it turnlt into a cyber hunt for
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the perpetrators some of who remember were identified with their names and phone numbers posted online. parts of two them brought them into new castle county police to complain about harassing phone calls. police turned the tables and ended up argue the boys, ages 13 and 14. >> they were released after posting $2,500 bail each. the police continue to look for suspects and they need the public's help to identify other kids in that video. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new jersey governor chris christie will convene a summit this afternoon to discuss the future of atlantic city. christie called the meeting last month after four casinos announced they would be closing. a 5th, the trawj is on the brink -- trawj ma -- taj mahal is on the brink of closing. will also took in 11% from
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gamblers in july than a year ago. mayor don garden discussed his video of his -- he discussed his vision for the atlantic city and much more. tune in tonight for the interview with jim gardner one on one. >> we're looking at the center city skyline. temperatures are on the mild side. nothing like last week's heat and humidity. you may want to keep your umbrella handy. accuweather is track be showers in the forecast. >> reporter: there's a system to sour south and wave of low pressure riding along the frontal boundary, that's forcing precipitation into washington, d.c. and points south. in our neck of the woods, looks like that rain want to produce
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precipitation over delaware and south jersey. the closer view shows you what's showing up locally on radar is in the lighter shade of green. it's evaporating before it hits the ground. this rain is making a move toward us, no doubt. as we look at satellite look at how the clouds were on the move. we started out with bright sunshine during the broadcast this morning. the clouds have shot up toward the pennsylvania/new york border. it's grayer now, and probably staying that way versus where we were overnight and early this morning. beneath the clouds, 75 degrees in philadelphia with humidity behaving itself. 73 in allentown an wilmington. we've been holding the 73-degree marks down the shore since early this morning. as we go through the day not as hot as the last couple. 93 saturday, 83 yesterday, today, 77 degrees beneath mainly
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cloudy skies, the average high 81 arena feeling better even though we are looking at that increasing cloud cover. we have a chance of rain overnight at times rick, and return the higher humidity and perhaps, thunderstorm. all the details are coming up in the seven day from accuweather. >> of course stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new, visit for storm tracker 6 live radar, both the hourly and seven-day forecast, and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologist as well as our collection of weather-related photos and videos. >> you could call it the tale of two halfs. the eagles return to the field after half-time at lincoln financial field and rebounded in a big way. they dug themselves into a 17-point hole in the first half. nick foles coughed up the ball three times. the eagles emerge the from the locker room and turned it around. darren sproles ran a 49-yard
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touchdown. eagles scored 34 unanswered points and never looked back. they won 34-17. >> there wasn't a huge change from a play call standpoint that we were doing in the first half than the second half. we weren't throwing chairs during half-time. >> the eagles hit the road with the colts in i indianapolis one week from tonight. >> a kentucky hotel is ripped apart by an explosion after a car slams into it. >> doctors work to contain a rare virus that has sickened children across the country. >> buckingham palace announced that william and kate are expecting a new baby.
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>> part of a electioning kentucky hotel -- lexington kentucky hotel was obliterated after it exploded after a crash. you can see pieces of material strewn across the parking lot. guests with place in other hotels. nobody was hurt.
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>> a mysterious respiratory virus has officials concerned after hundreds of children have fallen hill across many states. it's starts out like a cold and turns deadly. they think it is entrovirus 68. on good morning america, dr. richard besser talked about the virus. >> it's a time of year when we see viruses, but this is a dangerous. they are banning child visitors to hospitals to prevent the spread of the virus further. there are no reports of the virus here in pennsylvania. a 6-year-old boy from california is expected to sewer vierve -- survive after an attack with an mountain lion.
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the boy was walking ahead of the group, the animal dragged him toward the brush and the dads jumped in. >> both of the fathers of the two families lunged at the lion shouting aggressively as the attack was occurring and managed to scare the child off. they carried the child a mile and half back to a (postal worker) hey! millers! you two day-dreaming? (millers, in unison) yes. (postal worker) about your victorian dream home? (mrs. miller) uh huh. (postal worker) or maybe a colonial home? (mr. miller) how did you... (postal worker) you have the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. (mr. miller) yeah, the new $1,000,000 instant jackpot! (mrs. miller) with 5 top prizes of $1,000,000. (postal worker) welcome to the neighborhood! (voice over) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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>> general motors says it hopes to begin selling cars that can basically drive themselves. gm said they have new technology called super crews that will control itself by talking to other vehicles and using sensors. it will allow for hands-free driving on the highway and stop and go driving as well. the company said some 2017 model may include of the driving technology. other companies such as mercedes benz and nissan and google are developing self-driving cars. how would you like unlimited pasta for 100 bucks? olive garden has just the thing for you. it's called the never ending pasta pass. they are have all the pasta they can eat for 7 weeks. >> "healthcheck," doctors wonder if rising rates of kidney
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and thyroid cancer can be related to obesity. childhood obesity has increased in recent years. more studies will need to be done to establish a link. increases in the cancer in kids were relatively small and children's overall risk for developing cancer are low. >> the action team are working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00 p.m. a check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: hi guys we're attacking a new peels of video involving -- piece of video involving ray riles. it's hard to watch. it shows the linebacker punching his now wife in the face. the incident earned him a two-game suspension, but the nfl said it never saw this part of the video. we want to know in light of the disturbing clip do you think the
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league should revisit the punishment. take us on the go, if you haven't downloaded the 6abc news appear stream us live on the smart phone or tablet. go to my facebook page and check it out. >> "action
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>> david here with accuweather, not a bad start to the day, but we saw some of the live pictures, the clouds are coming in. >> reporter: the clouds are roaring up from the south right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you a little bit of green in the reaches of the delaware valley. that is above the surface and evaporating before it hits the grounds. can't rule out a sprinkle or shower this afternoon, however. as we look outside we have the action cam out in fairmont park.
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an interesting picture with the camera on the ground, a lot of green in the distance and cars rolling by. 75, the temperature, the dewpoint at 61, just a little bit humid, but not too bad. winds out of the east at 1 miles per hour. 75 degrees in the city. 73 in allentown, failure even numbers beneath the layer of clouds you see that north to south across the area. 73 in wildwood. the airport in atlantic city has slipped to 71. future tracker 6 shows you we are probably stuck with the clouds through most of the afternoon from philadelphia to the immediate suburbs down to the shore. by the time we get to 3 to 6:00 p.m., there's a chance you see a bit more sun this play in the northern and western suburbs and maybe a sunny break here or there in philadelphia. there may be a sprinkle or spritz riding up in southern areas in particular late this afternoon. sun and clouds in allentown, pleasant. 75 degrees, you'll see the return of sun and probably sun
12:25 pm
poking through now. down the shore cloudy the rest of the day. 78 degrees on the beach and perhaps a little bit of drizzle or a shower as we go later into the afternoon and into tonight. and today in philadelphia, clouds some sunny breaks can't be ruled out a lot of cloud cover, high of 77. not as warm always over the weekend and breezy. overcast and cool tonight, 66 in philadelphia. there could overnight drizzle or rain dropping in the city. for the evening commute we're probably dry in and around philadelphia, 75 by 4:00. 73 by 5:30 and 70 by 7:00 p.m. the temperatures will dip down from the high of 77 quickly in the evening hours. if you're heading to the phillies looks like a mostly cloudy evening a bit cool, 70 in the first pitch, 68 in the 9th inning when the pirates come to town. check with "action news" before you head to the ballpark to make
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sure that the showers are not making to philadelphia itself. tomorrow there will be an occasion shower and drizzle popping through off a southern system. looks like most of this is probably in and out of the picture from philadelphia south. you likely won't have to worry about any of that in the northern suburbs, by 6:00 we may see it die down a bit. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 77 degrees is today's high under mostly cloudy skies and we'll keep our eyes on the radar down to the south to his if any showers -- to see if any showers and sprinkles make it to the shore and delaware this afternoon. light rain tomorrow i could see it falling during the morning broadcast, 74 is the high. nice recovery on wednesday, 80. thursday, a warm and humid day, 86. in the afternoon and evening there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms developing. hind that system, nicer on friday, fair amount of clouds, sun coming back, 77. and 72s saturday and sunday.
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saturday appears to be the day we could is he rain. >> dozens -- where we could see rain. dozens of organizations were honored for offering transportation alternatives. matt o'donnell emceed the breakfast. they promote commuting at alternative tissuetives for their workers. the -- disney is parent company of 6abc. >> much more ahead on the new one had your "action news" this noon, a sleep walking camper ends up off a cliff and in the middle of a four hour rescue. britain's prince george is about to get a new brother or sister. we'll tell you about the newest royal baby news coming
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>> hello, again, here some of the stories we're following on the new expanded "action news" at noon. 135 students in the philadelphia schools get the new year off on the right foot. hikers and campers are choppered out of the wilderness when fire threatens them. another heir to the british thrown is on the the way, but we may not be seeing much of the mother to be for a while.
12:30 pm
we'll explain. >> that's right the doors open this morning across the philadelphia public school district and despite financial problems everybody was looking forward to the start of a new year. mayor michael nutter and philadelphia school superintendent william hite led the annual father's march in west philadelphia. the first stop was the elementary school where the mayor policied with many kids -- posed with many kids for the first day photos. students at the charter high school dressed in african atire. it's part of the philadelphia for the 17th district. 85 to 90% of students graduate each and every year. >> many students had to get up bright and early this morning. one local family was kind enough to invite us in as they prepare for the big the first day of school. katherine scott has their story. >> reporter: the kids are back in class and as is the tradition
12:31 pm
the alarm bell rang for one philadelphia student this morning it was a 6th grader. nadia patterson came just after 6:00 a.m. in the form of a live television camera. >> happy first day of school. it's the first day of school for philadelphia public schools and nadia's first day of the academy in germantown. i'm excited to start the new school year and meet new people. >> reporter: mom was bustling around the kitchen and packing a lunch and she helped other daughter fasten her tie. she spoke about the important of the parental involvement. >> as parents we have to
12:32 pm
support it, be able to fill in wherever we can and marker our children are successful. >> reporter: soon it was time to get out of the door and get to class. the promise of a brand new school year awailts. >> awailts -- awaits. >> i want to have a good year and get good grades. >> reporter: a few first day jitters, nadia was looking for a great first day of school and school year ahead. have a great school year, everybody. >> we hope you receive continued blessings on your vocation. >> the school year began with prayer at the saint simon and jude school in west chester. faculty and staff gathered for a before he blessing. students participated in the prayer service in the gymnasium before getting to work in the classroom. >> word has come from you are
12:33 pm
are -- ursinus has died, dr. bobby fong. a statement from the college said the 64-year-old died of natural causes with his wife by his side. >> philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who shot a man in west philadelphia early this morning. police say the man was on the 5600 block of catherine street at 12:30 when he was shot in the back. the victim was on the way to the hospital when it crashed with another vehicle. the driver of the other vehicle suffered a concussion and was taken to the hup for treatment. the university of florida is on edge today after four attacks on female students in just over two weeks including one just last night. one woman was almost remained and another dragged into the woods before witnesses scared off the attacker. last night a young woman was
12:34 pm
assaulted near the library. police have released surveillance video of a possible suspect and stepped up campus security. >> washington returns after a five week recess to deal with serious matters including the militant group isis. president obama will driver a speech to the american people. even some critics want him to act quickly even without congressional delay. >> he should take action without waiting for congress, this is too important to get this down to a congressional devertibrate if the president does not believe the support is there. >> reporter: this morning the arab league said they will fight militants 2349 region including isis. it doesn't back u.s. military attack, but said an attack on israel or syria is an attack on
12:35 pm
all of them. president obama said the military will help control the outbreak of ebola in africa. he said it will be a long and difficult task he is warning if the virus spreads and mutates it could reach the united states, but doesn't expect that to happen. >> more than 100 hikers and campers had to be rescued in yosemite park. they are near half dome a rock formation near a popular hiking and climbing spot. the fire may have been started by a spark from lightning. three inches of rain fell in less than an hour and caused flash flooding in riverside california. the storms took off a roof of a house, rescuers had to help 8 motorists stranded in the fast-rising water.
12:36 pm
the thunderstorm was brought on by tropical storm norbert. the hot and steamy temperatures from last week are gone. in fact we might need to keep the umbrella close by. >> let's head over to the accuweather big board. >> reporter: here's the sunrise in ocean city, new jersey. the same clouds have grown thick and done a nice job spreading over southeastern pennsylvania and into new york state. there's the possibility of sunny breaks up to the north. the farther south you go, the more you'll see the cloud cover. temperatures in the western suburbs, mild, 70 degrees if saint davids. 70 in coats. 67 way up north in tanersville. as we jump the river in south jersey, 70 to 73. of that's the range everywhere. same thing down in dover.
12:37 pm
this afternoon we'll go for a high of 77 degrees. for a change that's a bit below average. there will be a lot of clouds around but it will suppress the temperature a bit. we were well above it on saturday and sunday. it's nice we're getting a break today. overnight tonight there's a chance that some of the rain you see down to the south will overtake us. if you look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, a lot of it will move off the coast and miss us. i'll look at the extended forecast in just a few minutes. >> britain's royal family is about to expand with prince george over a year old, his parents are checking another child. >> reporter: they are pregnant, a second baby is on the way for william and kate. >> there's been speculation about this second baby since
12:38 pm
january she was supposed to be pregnant. >> reporter: the queen, the great grandmother was quick to issue a statement saying she is delighted. the announcement came earlier than expected because the ever-popular kate has been sidelined by morning sickness. >> it's great news, early days, we hope things settle down and she feels better. >> reporter: when she was pregnant with prince george in 2012 kate was hospitalized because she was so i will. a healthy -- so ill. a healthy prince george was born in 2013. the little prince has become a celebrity in his own right stealing the show last april during a royal tour in australia. come spring he'll have a little brother or sister. the expected mother resting in kensington palace, her baby will be 4th in line after
12:39 pm
grandmother prince charles and father prince william and brother prince george. they will have provided the royal dynasty what they playfully call here the heir and the spare. >> a comedian steps up to solve the attack on a autistic child near his hometown. >> a boutique gives shoppers great bargains coming up on 6abc. and david murphy will be back with th .
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>> sky6 live hd high definition looking at the beach here in cape may, new jersey. well if you go now, you're not going to have any trouble finding a spot. >> that's for sure. >> clouds moving in this noon, you might want to keep the umbrella handy as we head into
12:42 pm
the evening hours. a man was camping with friends at red river george park in kentucky when he sleep walked away from his camp sight in the middle of the night. him it took four hours for rescue crews to bring him up. >> he fell 60 feet into bolders and fed hit one of the bolders it would have had a different outcome. very fortunate he survived this. >> he has a broken leg and dislocated shoulder. he has a history of sleep walking. >> they may be political opponents, but former presidents george bush and bill clinton have entered into a partnership. the presidential leadership scholars program will be for students pursuing political studies particularly presidential history. it will include four presidential libraries those of
12:43 pm
lyndon johnson and george w.bush his father. neilson, the ratings company said the average american watches 4 1/2 hours of live tv everyday and more is on smart phones and tab let's. traditional television viewing has dropped with younger viewers. and the america's 20 somethings, cash not credit is king. bank said 63% of millennials do not have a single credit card. analysts say mounting student loan debt and the recession experience of their parents have scared many away from credit cards. a law in 2009 made it harder for them to get them. they cruise debit and prepaid cards but it makes it harder to build up a credit score. >> do you need a bridal gown
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for the upcoming wedding season? two boutiques are offering discounts, amy buckman has saving with 6abc. >> reporter: if you're planning a wedding or have a special occasion coming up you might want to plan a shop stopping later this week on east passyunk avenue. at the carolyn verde boutique you can find samples of wedding gowns like this designer dress that sells for $1,100, but this week's sale all the prices are better. all gowns $500 and over are 10% off. i'll have a group of gowns 2 and $300. >> a from -- priscilla gown you can walk away with for $300.
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wow. >> next-door, women who are not brides-to-be can get great deals, too. >> for the sale we'll introduce all the new fall and some early spring selection for mother of the bride, mother of the groom we'll offer that at 10% off. >> reporter: if you have any kind of special occasion coming up, you want to check out this rack all the dresses $100 each. there's a rack of cocktail dresses priced at $100, as well. wednesday through friday, 4 to 8:00 p.m. we'll give you the addresses at in south philadelphia, i'm amy buckman channel 6 "action news." >> and there's much more still ahead on "action news" including the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> and we'll tell you about videos making waves on the net today
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>> and we're looking live from sky6 live hd at wilmington,
12:48 pm
delaware. once again cloudy skies throughout the delaware and lehigh valleys. wilmington could see some precipitation later this evening, as meteorologist david murphy will tell us later about the wet weather that's moving into our area. on our people scene a comedian and tv star is trying to right a serious wrong. drew carey is offering a reward for a cruel joke. teens tricked an autistic student to take the ice bucket challenge, but the bucket was filled with human waste. truett cathy who went from a single diner to chick aye aye chick-fil-a has closed. because of his strong christian
12:49 pm
faith he kept chick-fil-a closed on sunday. a 9-year-old canadian boy is in big trouble for taking a bus on a joy right. he jumped in the bus and took it for a spin. a witness stepped in the front of the buts and opened the doors and pulled the boy out. the bus was already in the garage for repairs and now needs about ten thousand dollars worth of work. >> meteorologist david murphy here now, you've been taking a closer look at the tracking of the precipitation. >> reporter: we'll take aitle longer to look at -- a little longer look at future tracker 6 and take you into the night and see when the rain is arriving. we have some precipitation in the up are atmosphere through cape may and southern delaware. most of that has not hit the ground, but a sign of thing to come. as we look outside we have sky 6. there's the airport, no weather related delays as the clouds start to move in.
12:50 pm
there's not a lot of rain in the picture just yet either. 75 degrees, the dewpoint, 61 degrees, the winds out of the east at 13 miles per hour. future tracker 6 shows you from now until 3:00 p.m. we're looking at fairly cloudy conditions, although we may see sun remerging this afternoon in the northern and western suburbs. by 6:00 we're looking at a fair amount of cloud cover around the region. while we get up to 10:00, 11:30. the model will have showers pushing up through parts of south jersey and delaware. and future tracker may be under-selling this, we can see scattered showers in philadelphia and delaware, later on tonight. i hope it stays south until after the phillies game. we'll talk about that in a moment. 75 in allentown, 76 in reading, 78 in trenton and wilmington. down the shore we'll have similar numbers what with the cloud cover keeping things for
12:51 pm
the most part even stephen around the region. a bit breezy out there and comfortable. as we roll through the day and the evening, 77 degrees by 3:00 p.m. that's the high. 74 by 5:00. look at how the numbers drop by 7:00 p.m., as the sun gets ready to set we'll be under mainly cloudy skies and 69 by 9:00 p.m. the overnight low dipping to 66. for the evening commute no weather related problems to hinder you, it will maintain dry conditions in the meade -- immediate philadelphia region, look for mostly cloudy skies and the temperatures falling from 75 to 70 at 7:00 p.m. for the phillies, a bit on the cool side, 70 in the first pitch 68 in the 9th inning. hopefully it stays dry for the game. we can't rule out a sprinkle. the rain to the south will be pushing away and off the coast,
12:52 pm
we'll get a brush of showers. looks like the farthest north will be philadelphia, 9 better chance is south jersey and delaware. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 77 mostly cloud him we'll look at a possible sprinkle developing in south jersey this afternoon hopefully holding off later tonight in philadelphia. tomorrow, sunny breaks, rain at times from the city south. those of you in the northern suburbs, don't get anything. wednesday, a nice bounce back to 80. and 86 warm and humid for thursday, a possibility of showers and thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and extending in the evening. behind that system, sun and breezy on friday, 7 75 nice day -- 77, a pretty nice day, really. there's a system coming in on saturday that could give us rain, 72 is the high there. sunday, cool and brighter, 72 in
12:53 pm
the city. >> california napa valley lost wine in the repeat earthquake, but it gained water, once dry streams are running again officials are testing the water to see if it's safe to drink. the water might dry up again if there's no rain for
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12:56 pm
morning and going up to new york state. it may recede a little bit, so those of you in the northern and western suburbs get sun. the high temperatures 75, 76. maybe clouds and sunny break in the i-95 corridor, 77, 78. down the the shore, 76, 78 mostly cloudy skies and very little sun. >> all right, thank you, david. if you're looking for a little distraction this afternoon check out the trending videos at residents from an retirement home get their groove on with taylor swift's shake it off. we're continuing's look back at school house -- we're continuing abc's look back at school house rock with the collection of the show's biggest hit.
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do you remember school house rock. conjunction junction whose your function. that's it for "action news," don't forget to join us later with "action news." let's go to live situation juniata park, police are investigating a shooting here, details are coming in at this time. you can see police are on on the scene and the yellow tape indicative of a crime scene some type of shooting that at another point took place in the juniata section of if city. maybe three people may have been shot. we have not confirmed that, but we're following up on that story we'll bring you more information on air and online as it becomes available. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 p.m. for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team thanks for joining for us are this hour long edition of "action news." #
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♪ okay. guys, it's the first show of season four. we need a really big guest to start the year off right. any ideas? >> angelina jolie and brad pitt. >> no, i sent them a salad bowl and did not get a thank you. >> beyonce? >> yes! >> i'll text her. >> hold on. >> she said maybe. what about -- >> he's so dreamy. >> wait. the show starts in like 20 seconds. you know what? we don't need a big guest. >> why? >> why? >> because we have the best guest. it's you, you, and you in our studio audience. >> yes! >> all right. go, go, go, go! it's season four